"I'm not afraid of taking a bad picture, I'm afraid of not taking the perfect picture."

I am John T. Silas, a self taught, Freelance Sports Photographer based out of Atlanta, GA. My family and I moved to GA from NJ over ten years ago and it's been a blast. I primarily cover sporting events in and around the Atlanta Metro Area. I freelance for a few different companies and one major newspaper in Cobb County. I have over ten years in the business, covering all types of sporting events. As a professional photographer, I have a wide range of photography experience, but I specialize in Sports Photography because sports is my passion.

I enjoy traveling and covering sporting events in the following southern states ( GA, FL, AL, TN, SC, & NC). The best thing about sports photography is capturing that sports action or emotional shot that shows athletes in their moment of greatness.  In addition to sports action photography, I enjoy doing commercial photoshoot sessions with athletes from various sporting backgrounds. I have some of the best clients in the world, which makes it very easy to do my job. Silas Sports Shooter is available for all of your sports photography needs.

I can be contacted via email: info@silassportsshooter.com or phone: (888) 587-7634. All emails and phone calls are return with the same day.  

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